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Matcha - Ceremony

Matcha tea is the result of the careful preparation of the best tea leaves that are stripped of stems and small veins. Once dried they are grinded until they acquire the texture of the talc. It is an exquisite green tea with a great antioxodante power, which has favored it becomes the fashion tea among the celebrities of the United States. Traditionally used for the ancient tea ceremony in Japan, it has also been incorporated into the modern kitchen, especially in pastry, for its attractive bright green color. Its flavor is potent; Reminds us of fresh grass with tones of seaweed, long in mouth and marked aftertaste with kind tones, rather sweet.

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A measure of the CHASHAKU or a small level teaspoon of those of moka, that will dissolve in 20 centiliters of water low in minerals, heated to 80 - 90 degrees. We will strike well with the CHASEN, or with another element that allows us to eliminate all lumps. We can strain to get rid of the smallest lumps.